August 20

100 wc #4

Everything was a blur I could bleary keep my eyes open, it took me about five minutes to get up but then I heard I really faint noise from around the corner, I still didn’t know where I was it was dark and cold. All the sudden I see something chasing after me as it came rushing towards me I started to sprint scared for my life. But all the sudden it said stop are you ok it was in a voice I had heard before. Turns out it was just my friend Tracy seeing if I was alright, what a fright it gave me.

August 20

analyzing how authors create characters.

Physical: the main character in the story was a cat it didn’t say what it looked like all it said was the cat had big ears. Having big ears plays a role in the story because before this I thought it was a human but when it said “he sat down by me and told me I had very big ears” this made me thinking he might not be a human. It didn’t say much about how the cat changed but the story it was saying how every morning he gets woken up so I can infer that over the time he got a lot older and more muttered not only cause his getting older but because he lived on his own for a little bit of time.

Intellectual: I would describe this cat as very smart because in the story it was talking about how he lived own his own and find his own food and living on your own is not easy so he or she is very smart for a cat. This character knows a lot probably because his more experienced with life. This cat defiantly thrive in his or her world because he didn’t know how to live on his own but he learnt and he was fine. This character learns how to live on his own as the story goes on.

Emotional: I think the character felt happy most of the time cause he said I like living own my own theirs no one to bug me at the start I think he was a bit nervous at the start when he started living on his own. His feelings change through the story because he went from living by himself to living with a family I think at the start he was happy but lonely and when he got his new family he felt happier.

Social: I think he gets on quite well with other people in the story because he sounded really happy when he got his new family. He didn’t really choose who his friends are but once he met them he really liked them and he likes them cause there really nice. It effects the story because if he was shy he would have ran away from the boy but instead he was nice and he let him speak to him.

Philosophical: this character is very chill on how his life goes and he doesn’t give a care in the world. This characters belief is that his life his happy and nothings bad in his life. This affects how he acts because he could be really shy to the family but his not and he goes real close to them without caring. The family beliefs where that he will be a good pet.

August 15

homework comments

I found it interesting when Elio mentioned that “he might be unhappy where he is going to school also he might be upset about something” because it showed me that he was interested book and he felt like he was in the book. I also liked how throughout the whole text he was talking about how the characters on the book felt and how he felt.


I found Liora’s piece very interesting because explained what the 5 steps where while explaining what she got out of the  story and I thought this was good because she didn’t have to waist her time and do both of the paragraphs.

I think stellas piece was really good because she went for the feeling side she really went in depth how every character felt. This was good because the actual story had a big part on feelings

August 13

5 facts of fiction

Fiction is all about a character

In all fiction story’s you need a character and in this story the two main characters are Charles and Laurie. It’s Laurie’s first day of school and he wears jeans and a belt this was really different from I’m normally wearing overalls and bibs, Charles on the other hand was fresh well this is what Laurie thought he was. I would describe these two boys as bad behaves because there always getting them self’s into something. I think Laurie acted this way because it was his first time going to school and he might have been nervous or felt like he had no friends so he just wanted to have some fun. I think he was lying to his parents because he thought he would get into trouble.

Fiction is all about what your character wants

All I think Laurie wanted to do was have fun without getting in trouble. I think he also thought what he was really doing at school his parents would get worried or take him out of the school cause that’s what they wanted when they didn’t know Charles was there son. One last thing he wanted to do was to have some friends because half way through the story he started to get better I think he did this because he realised no one liked him when he was Charles.

Fiction is all about what you character gets or does not get what he or she wants

We do not know what happened after his mother found out or maybe she didn’t. but what I predict would of happened was his mother did find out and maybe talked to him how that’s not okay to act that way and was probably really confused why he lied to them about being Charles .I think he also didn’t get what he wanted for friends cause he may be acted this way because he didn’t have any friend and school just wasn’t going how he planned or just wasn’t what he wanted.

Fiction is all about how you character changes

At the start he really didn’t do well in school and was lying to his parents that he was doing fine and what he was actually doing was another kid which was probably a bad idea cause if he had already told them they could have helped him make friends and behave better. In the middle of the story it did say for a couple of days he was being nice and was actually doing what he was meant to, I think he did this cause he realised that acting like that just makes him look worse and he should just be himself.

Fiction is all about a world an author creates

This story was set at school and I think the author set her story at a school because this actually happens in real life where kids don’t do well in school and just come home and lie to their parents that there fine. I think a theme in this story was school because it was about a kid going to school and not getting alone with people which happens in real life.

August 13

100 wc week #2

“SCARLET stop playing with those CHUSHENS we need to go to your concert.” We hoped in the car and went to my concert I had to play the VOILIN. I was really nervous when I went on stage but after I started playing it wasn’t that bad but then all the sudden I drop my violin and everyone starts to laugh. I got really embarrassed and wanted to cry my eyes started to water. I ran to my mum “are you ok your eyes WATERED. I said I was fine but I really wasn’t. mum started telling me jokes and I felt better right away.

August 3

100 WC WEEK 1

“Jess come down right now” my mum calls from downstairs, I always get worried when my mum calls me because I think I’m in trouble I never really know. I walk down the stairs to find my mum holding a big camera “its family photo day, smile” wait mum I’m not “insert FLASH” the flashed surprised me it made me fall down and hit my head, i insistently start crying. mum felt really bad she took the ugliest photo and posted it just to show me how much she was sorry, wow got to love your mum.

July 28

read like a writer

Read like a writer

Ideas: when I first looked at the story I didn’t want to read it on how long it was but after I read it I really enjoyed it. It taught me that it’s ok to be different because someone out there is just like you.

Organisation: I think it was set out good how they used there paragraphs. And they used all there punctuation correctly.

Voice: I think they used the voice really well, Ania had a lot of emotion which made me feel really connected to the story. I could imaging Ania’s mother voice in the story it was really sad and confused.

Word choice: I think it was really good how they through in tier 2 words or words we wouldn’t normally use to make us feel more engaged.

Sentence fluency: I liked how the sentences were structured and how they fitted really well in there paragraph. I also liked how they used compound and complex sentences and they did really well to mix them up.

Conventions: I thought they did really well with the conventions and I could tell they went over there story lots of times cause there was no errors.

July 27

read like a reader

  1. prediction: I to be about how she turns 11 but she doesn’t feel her age. And how she won’t feel her age till 12.

  2. Questions: why doesn’t the girl in her class own up that the jackets hers and why does she feel embarrassed that the jumpers hers? I think because the sweater wasn’t the best looking she felt embarrassed because she thought everyone would laugh after they found out it was hers.

  3. Infer: I can infer that the jumpers wasn’t hers because over and over she said the jumper was not hers and she couldn’t remember having the jumper.

  4. Connect: I connection I had was when I turned 11 I didn’t feel 11 at all, It took me a year to finally feel 11.

  5. Feel: I liked the story because it was a typical story that would happen in real life. Like I said when I was making a connection when I turned 11 I didn’t feel 11 straight away.

  6. Evaluate: I think the story was good but not for my age group. It would have been a really good story for those in year 3 and 4 but not year 6s

June 28

desert adaptations goal reflection


This term we have been learning about adaptations but pacific desert animals and plants. At the end of the term we were asked to present a presentation on a specific plant or animal that lives in the desert. This time we got given partners and had to do most of it without any help. My partner was josh and we got giving the Australian mulga tree. I thought we worked really well together and doing the same amount of work. By doing this it helped us practice for high school doing projects on your own without any help. I enjoyed doing this project a lot I never even knew what the Australian mulga was before I started so I have really learnt a lot.

What I learnt

3 facts I thought were interesting

The Australian mulga tree can survive for up to 100 years old

Its roots go far into the soil to gather more water

Its trunk is really thick to protect itself from any predators


The Australian mulga tree grows up to 10 meters in rainfall areas,

But in dry and shallow soil areas it only grows up to 2-3 meters

If a predator does scratch the tree it has 2 more extra layers to protect the actual tree

The most important thing I learnt was

To always check in with you partner and to make sure there doing what there meant to. At the end of every day tell your partner what work you are going to do that night so you don’t end up doing the same thing. By checking in you will finish your project faster and its good practise for later on in life.

How did I learn it?

The first week josh and I didn’t talk to each other much which lead to getting noting done. So we realised that it was important to communicate so we could actually finish our project, after doing this we stayed on task and finished earlier.

What am I going to do with what I have learnt?

In other task or projects I will know to always keep in touch with my partner to stay on task. Also to ask your partner for help if your struggling. If you have a problem with the project always talk to your partner so they can help.

My beginning goals

My goals at the start of the term were to do with animal and plants adaptations. I had many goals and I learnt about all of them in most lessons. At the end of the term I achieved every goal. By doing the project it helped me accomplish all of my goals.


For my project this term. I learnt a lot, I really enjoyed doing our projects because it was something new. One of the many things I learnt was what I need to improve on for next time. It was a lot of fun working in partners it helped me a lot with my social skills. Overall the project was a lot of fun and I can’t wait for another project.



June 12


Btn space rock

In space there isn’t just our solar system and stars floating around there  is dust, ice and rock out there. Comments are a chunk of ice and dust. Asteroids are normally made up of rock or metal. A metory smaller chunks of an asteroids. How fast do asteroids go? This question I would really like to find out. Another question I want to know is does the rotation of our planets have to do with asteroids? What I’m wondering is what year was the first asteroids. I find asteroids really fascinating to learn about. Hopefully I can look into them a bit more in the future.