August 1

writing goal semester 2

Writing goal: I need to read out loud after I come back to my work or when I edit my writing. also I need to work on when I edit my work because I normally never edit and just type my story but now I will re read my work and edit it.


May 26

my goals semester 1 2016

Semester 1 goals 2016


Personal goals:

For my first goal I want to be able to speak in front of a class or the whole school without being nervous and more confident. My second goal is learn more about fractions. I don’t really know how to use them correctly especially learn how to put them into decimals. Also I want to know my multiplication tables off by heart. For my last goal I want to know how to spell tricky words without help. I don’t know how to spell many words that are tricky. I only know the easy words and some hard words.

Student comment:

To speak in front of a class or assembly I should take on more roles to help me get use to speaking. To learn more about fractions I could ask Jude to have a one on one lesson so I understand fractions and how to put them into decimals. To learn my multiplication tables I could ask mum and dad to give me a sum every night. To know how to spell tricky words I could try to spell it and then look in a dictionary to see if I’m correct. I can practise these goals at home to improve even more.


Teacher comment:




My future goals:

I need to pay more attention when I write. and focuses on my punctuation. Like put in full stops in the correct spot. I also need to be neater in my science P.R.O.E chart. Normally when I come back to it I can’t read it. I would also like to do my homework before the weekend so I don’t have to do it on the weekend and I can do more fun things. Lastly I want to know more on decimals and how to use them in a multiplication sum.