July 28

100 wc

In that moment I knew this was totally cool! All these yellow dots were flying around me. The next second I’m flying in the air this is so cool. Hang on wait a second how do I get down I start calling for help HELP! SOMEONE! Bye now I’m 10 meters in the air. BOO! Ahhhhhh oh my god you scared me it’s my friend Zack. He tries to get me down but I’m too far in the air. Climb the tree I shout he quickly grabs me and pull me down. All the dots start to disappear now that was scary.


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June 5

100 wc#13

I’m so excited mum and dad booked us tickets to japan. But it was strange on the way back from booking them we stopped at the park. Me and my twin sister Stef decided to have a race around the park. Half way through we stopped to see a fascinating stone man. He was didn’t move at all or blink. We keep running and we look back and he has moved spots! I’m creped out. I go close up to him then all the sudden he moves! “Hello” says the man that was still. Turns out he was meant to do that.

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