September 17

100 wc #7

“OK this is your last present Jordan” said mum.  I opened it as fast as i could, i look through the tear and realist its a lamp with cool colorful beads in it,”Cool thanks so much mum and dad. ” i go over and give them the biggest hug. i make sure to walk up the stairs very carefully so i don’t drop it it’s my favorite present, i place it on my bedside table and go down to eat my birthday dinner. as soon as i finish i run upstairs to check my lamp but i look up and theirs glass and beads everywhere .

What do i do?

September 10

100 wc #6

SO WHAT LIES AHEAD OFF US MUST NEVER BE SPOCKEN OF AGAIN. “got it sis”  those where his words before he dobbed me in for spilling coke all over the carpet. Mum was really mad at me and made me give in my phone for a whole week! Ill make my brother pay it was his fult he triped me making me drop my coke(which I wasn’t meant to drink anyway) ill dob him in for stealing 20 bucks from mum then see how it feels. He will never say a word again.

September 3

100 wc #5

It was a cold and windy night and Jordan was home alone but all the sudden he heard noises. I opened the my bedroom door and sore nothing so I went a bit further, but then I get hit from the back and black out. It takes me a while to realise what happened I slowly get up and look for the person who tried to kill me. I look around and see nothing< it felt like it was a dream well I wanted it to be but it was not. Mum and dad get home and I tell them everything but they didn’t believe me.