July 28

read like a writer

Read like a writer

Ideas: when I first looked at the story I didn’t want to read it on how long it was but after I read it I really enjoyed it. It taught me that it’s ok to be different because someone out there is just like you.

Organisation: I think it was set out good how they used there paragraphs. And they used all there punctuation correctly.

Voice: I think they used the voice really well, Ania had a lot of emotion which made me feel really connected to the story. I could imaging Ania’s mother voice in the story it was really sad and confused.

Word choice: I think it was really good how they through in tier 2 words or words we wouldn’t normally use to make us feel more engaged.

Sentence fluency: I liked how the sentences were structured and how they fitted really well in there paragraph. I also liked how they used compound and complex sentences and they did really well to mix them up.

Conventions: I thought they did really well with the conventions and I could tell they went over there story lots of times cause there was no errors.

July 27

read like a reader

  1. prediction: I to be about how she turns 11 but she doesn’t feel her age. And how she won’t feel her age till 12.

  2. Questions: why doesn’t the girl in her class own up that the jackets hers and why does she feel embarrassed that the jumpers hers? I think because the sweater wasn’t the best looking she felt embarrassed because she thought everyone would laugh after they found out it was hers.

  3. Infer: I can infer that the jumpers wasn’t hers because over and over she said the jumper was not hers and she couldn’t remember having the jumper.

  4. Connect: I connection I had was when I turned 11 I didn’t feel 11 at all, It took me a year to finally feel 11.

  5. Feel: I liked the story because it was a typical story that would happen in real life. Like I said when I was making a connection when I turned 11 I didn’t feel 11 straight away.

  6. Evaluate: I think the story was good but not for my age group. It would have been a really good story for those in year 3 and 4 but not year 6s