June 28

desert adaptations goal reflection


This term we have been learning about adaptations but pacific desert animals and plants. At the end of the term we were asked to present a presentation on a specific plant or animal that lives in the desert. This time we got given partners and had to do most of it without any help. My partner was josh and we got giving the Australian mulga tree. I thought we worked really well together and doing the same amount of work. By doing this it helped us practice for high school doing projects on your own without any help. I enjoyed doing this project a lot I never even knew what the Australian mulga was before I started so I have really learnt a lot.

What I learnt

3 facts I thought were interesting

The Australian mulga tree can survive for up to 100 years old

Its roots go far into the soil to gather more water

Its trunk is really thick to protect itself from any predators


The Australian mulga tree grows up to 10 meters in rainfall areas,

But in dry and shallow soil areas it only grows up to 2-3 meters

If a predator does scratch the tree it has 2 more extra layers to protect the actual tree

The most important thing I learnt was

To always check in with you partner and to make sure there doing what there meant to. At the end of every day tell your partner what work you are going to do that night so you don’t end up doing the same thing. By checking in you will finish your project faster and its good practise for later on in life.

How did I learn it?

The first week josh and I didn’t talk to each other much which lead to getting noting done. So we realised that it was important to communicate so we could actually finish our project, after doing this we stayed on task and finished earlier.

What am I going to do with what I have learnt?

In other task or projects I will know to always keep in touch with my partner to stay on task. Also to ask your partner for help if your struggling. If you have a problem with the project always talk to your partner so they can help.

My beginning goals

My goals at the start of the term were to do with animal and plants adaptations. I had many goals and I learnt about all of them in most lessons. At the end of the term I achieved every goal. By doing the project it helped me accomplish all of my goals.


For my project this term. I learnt a lot, I really enjoyed doing our projects because it was something new. One of the many things I learnt was what I need to improve on for next time. It was a lot of fun working in partners it helped me a lot with my social skills. Overall the project was a lot of fun and I can’t wait for another project.



June 12


Btn space rock

In space there isn’t just our solar system and stars floating around there  is dust, ice and rock out there. Comments are a chunk of ice and dust. Asteroids are normally made up of rock or metal. A metory smaller chunks of an asteroids. How fast do asteroids go? This question I would really like to find out. Another question I want to know is does the rotation of our planets have to do with asteroids? What I’m wondering is what year was the first asteroids. I find asteroids really fascinating to learn about. Hopefully I can look into them a bit more in the future.