May 23

maths lesson- graphs exel

This survey is on what apple pruducts 5/6/b likes  more.

I picked this graph because it is easy and clear to read.

It clearly shows that the favourite is the iPhone  with 15 and the apple watch the least with 0.

Ipad =2

Apple watch=0

Mac book=2


May 22

100 WC #8

I was just casually walking up the empire state building when i sore hands made out of newspaper holding a burger.i walked up to the hands to see what it was i picked it up and imminently  droped its burger and slaped me,i quickly droped it.i called a investigator to figure out what it was. apperently it was 150 years old. it happend by one day a guy put his hands in newspaper and it got stuck.the man tyred  to get it of for ages but it did not work,so he got hungry.he got burger and started eating it then all then he died and disaperd but his hands didn’t.

May 9

100 wc

i was really exited because tonight i’m going out for dinner. we sit down and decide what we want to eat. i order the chicken parma and mum gets the creamy mushroom risoto. the waitress brings it out and i start to lick my lips. i eat all my chips first cause there my favorite. then i go to eat mt chicken parma but spit it out strait away it was uncooked. I JUST COULDN’T EAT SOMETHING SO RAW. mum told the waitress and i got a new one,this time it was cooked. it was really good

May 1

btn earthquakes

an earthquake starts with two tectonic plates colliding each other. a ring of fire is the out line of the parasitic ocean and theirs tectonic plats all around it. it gets is name the ring of fire because that’s were all the active volcanoes are. recently an big earthquake happened in new Zeeland in the city of Christchurch. all the buildings got destroy a lot of people got injured and some died. and to top it off they had a earthquake simular last September. although the tone was bigger this one was more in the city. the last one was out of the city in the country . this earthquake was 5km deep. when the earthquake started no one knew what to do so they all hided underneath  tables and things some people died because of this. people didn’t know it was a earthquake so that probly why they did this. so if there is a bad earthquake don’t hide underneath things it could kill you.

May 1

100 wc,the best day of my life

My heart is pumping faster than lightning. As they call Sarah O’TOOLE up to the court I get existed to see all my friends and family here to support me. It’s time to play as the ball goes up for the tap out I trip but quickly get back up and grab the ball. I start dribbling down the court and dish it off to stef. At half time it was 34 to 32 were up. It’s the last 30 seconds and where up by 5 we just hold the ball so they can’t get it. The buzzer goes off and we were so happy.