April 27

100 wc

it was raining so heavy and i was stuck in my car i couldn’t get out. i kept on trying to open the door but water had gone through the locks and and made them rusty. there was no sign of anyone it was only me and my car. but all the sudden the water pushes my car through the stream of water. i sore a tree ahed so i closed my eyes and ducked down. then i could feel that we where not moving so i open my eyes and i was stuck at the top of the tree. oh no how am i going to get down!

April 20

100 wc #4

I turn to see if anyone is watching I turn back and start running as fast as I can towards the wall. I read that if u run super-fast u could go through the wall and will arrive at a mystery land. I hit the wall really hard and feel back, it didn’t work. I get up and read to book again it says to go faster so I try one more time. I start running as fast as I can and get stuck in the wall oh no what have I done .