March 30

100 wc


It was a BEAUTIFUL day so we decided to go to the beach. I was very happy for it to be sunny cause its normally BROWN sky’s. it was very HARD  for me to find my summer cloths cause I barely wear them. On our way to the beach there was a lot of traffic so I was WORRIED if we would make it before 2 o’clock. As soon as we got to the beach I took out my CAMREA to take pictures. The beach was very cool and something different hopefully its sunny everyday so I can come back.

March 28


At the age of two Anh Doh and his family was saved from Vietnam. He sailed across the seas for five days then he got on a germen rescue ship and arrived to Australia. When they arrived to Australia some nuns came and gave them a bag full of clothes. They came to Australia because his uncle fought alone side the Australians in the war. Another one of his uncles was a sapper which is to look for land minds.

How long did it take them to settle in?

If he stayed in Vietnam what would of happened?

I now know that back then a lot of people came to Australia for survival and a better life.

March 21

100 wc

How could something so tiny be so beautiful all I was focused on was the ring I haven’t even released that he just proposed to me. “Jess will you marry me?” I was so shocked and overwhelmed I started crying. “Yes “I say in a happy voice. I have wanted Gabe to propose to me for so long and finally he did. The ring is so small and shiny it had silver shiny diamonds on it. He slowly put it on my finger and it looked even better. I can’t believe that he got my favourite ring. I  am so happy.

March 21

btn #3

Life in Australia is good but we have never really thought about it is what made Australia a safe and good country. If James cook never found Australia we wouldn’t be alive Australia would still be ruled by aboriginals. All the different cities of Australia were independents it took them a long time to relies that there all apart of Australia and they need each other to make a good country. Life in Australia is much different now then back when it was first founded. They had to get their own food but now all we have to do is go to the super market.

Some questions I want to know is what the aboriginals did when the English people started taking over there land?

And did they ever get along?(aboriginals and English people)

I wonder if any aboriginals liked the English people coming to Australia.

March 14

100 wc #1

My coach always puts me last on the court and I never know why. I always get sad when he doesn’t put me on because I’m the best player. He notices that I’m sad and says that he wants to talk to me after the game. He always puts me on in the second half and I don’t get why. The game ends and he pulls me aside from the other girls. Sarah don’t be shade I put you on last so I can rest u to play good to catch up to the other team. Now that I know why I don’t have to be sad.

March 13

btn #2

The jails were full and they couldn’t hang everyone. So they decided to transport the convicts to Australia to work for farmers or make the land better for the Europeans. Once people herd about this they stole just so they can go to Australia to start a new life. But what they didn’t know that they would have to do a lot of work for several years. The ruler of England did not like this he wanted to put the bad people in heavy weights other neck wrist and ankles. But too many people got injured or even died that he had to agree with transportation.

I get why many people just stole to get transported because in Britten you had to steal to survive but if they got transported everything would be given to them.

Who and how did they come up with transporting the convicts to Australia?

March 4

camp reflection 2017-sandbording

Camp reflection-sand boarding

As I start walk up the big hill that looks like the Sahara desert my legs get tired. I look up and see all the teachers are at the bottom I start to question if I go or not. Stella and I think about it and go ahead with going. We climb to the highest point possible and look down were super high.


We tell the boy to go down first to see if it safe. They get to the bottom all safe. They get of their bored and wait for me and Stella to come down. I was so scared I prayed before I went down. We got on the bored and started to count down 3 2 1 off we go.


This is a blast why was I so scared. But all the sudden our board starts turning. The next thing you know It I do a side flip of it and start rolling down the hill with my face dragging in the sand. I stop rolling and everything turns pitch black.


I sit up and feel my face I have sand all over it. Luckily Abe and Ziggy were they to help us up. Abe keeps asking if I’m okay. He starts brushing the sand of my face. I try to open my eyes but only the left one could open. He walks me over to Libby to put salt water in eyes so it could get the send out. She got the sand out it felt so good to finally see again.


Even though I had a big crash I still enjoyed sand boarding. The whole camp was the helped me come over many fears and pushed me beyond my comforts zone. One day I hope I can go back to cape Bridgwater.

March 2

btn homework-first fleat

i think these 2 videos are a lot different,one explain the aboriginals side in the first fleat and the other the English side.

abariganies had animal skin as there cloths,English men wore red and white suits.

aberiganies lived in small stick huts where as English men stayed in white tents.

so in these to videos showed me what different people did in there life also showed me what was going through both heads. both sides didn’t know who everyone was cause they nervous  sore someone with different colour skin to one and another.

i learnt that both sides had completely different life until they sore each other.