February 9

letter to Senada

Hi Senada

My name is Sarah O’TOOLE, outside of school I enjoy doing many activities including playing basketball, cross country, trampolining and hanging out with friends. I was raised in a small house in Coburg, sooner or later my parents realised that they needed a bigger house. We moved into a bigger house in Essendon which was across the road from my cousins Mali and Jack.   I’ve always looked up to my cousin Mali in every way possible. Now we currently live in a double story house in Strathmore.  I have a brother that is 14 his in year 9 at Strathmore High, yeah he is kind of annoying but his my brother and his the best.


My mum was born and raised in Warrnambool. She works for KFC, her job is to be in charge of all the Victoria stores and some in other states. My dad was born and raised in Ballarat. He works as a police man as a sergeant. I adore my family so much there always there for me through everything.


School isn’t my favourite but I sure do enjoy it at most points. My friends are always there for a laugh or just a chat. Sadly this is the last year I get to see most of them. I’m really going to miss them because they have made school fun for me. Luckily Ollie is going to the same high school as me. The saddest thing is that I have to leave my best friend Stella, we have had so many good memories together. There is no doubt I’m going to miss this school, teachers, my amazing friend’s and the memories. I’m exited that Senada is my teacher this year, I am sure I’m going to learn amazing things from her not just Maths and English but to be a better person. From the two weeks I’ve already had with her I’m sure I have the smartest, funniest and kindest teacher ever.


Outside of school I like playing sport and keeping fit. I play basketball for two teams Aberfeldie Jets and Keilor Thunder. I train on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and play on Friday and Saturday.  My only spare days is Thursdays and Sundays. On Thursday I take a break and normally do my homework. On Sunday I normally have a friend over and go for a run. I sure am busy with school and basketball but that doesn’t bother me.


In the future I would like to become a famous basketball player or an athlete. I don’t think I’m going to get anywhere near there but I would also like to be involved with different charities to help children with cancer. I think it’s terrible that people have to go through cancer especially kids they should be playing with their friends not be stuck in a hospital bed. Another thing that’s close to my heart is homeless people I can’t image living on the cold streets.


I can’t wait to make many memories in 5/6/B and learn heaps of new things.


Bye Sarah O’TOOLE

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1 thoughts on “letter to Senada

  1. senada

    I enjoyed reading your letter Sarah and I have learned a lot about you. What basketball team do you want to play for when you are older?


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