December 7

reflection on coding


Coding is assigning a code to something for it to work better or faster. On  6/12/16 it’s international code day. Today We learnt a lot about coding,

Coding is very important without it we wouldn’t have what we have today.

An example is Instagram without I don’t even know what kids will be doing.

In this lesson I learnt that if coding isn’t working on a certain app then they can’t really use it because coding is the main thing on the game or app.


We need coding because the computer or app works more edictally. Without the app will be really slow and you can berley use it.


What I thought fun in the lesson was we had to give our partner steps to do things and the partner has to do everything the way the said.


Here are some questions we had to answer with our own opinion:


What do you want to learn more about in coding?

I would love to learn more what people do if they have a job as a coder. I would really like to know more about this because I want to become a coder one day.


exits you about coding?

What excites me is that people who are really smart at coding evented games to teach kids. I really like this because I find it easier to learn by learning with things I love and that’s games.


How could we improve learning about coding at mpps?
We could do lessons more frequently .also we could bring people in that work as a coder to teach more about coding to us.






December 7

grand final day

Grand final Day

It’s here finally, my grand finale. I’m super nervous! My excitement is going through the roof. We finally get here after the long drive.

It’s time to warm up, as usual I take the dribbling drills. The stating five is myself, Stef, Amelia, Amy and Tessa, we’re all nervous. The ball goes up. We win the tap and I quickly grab the ball and start dribbling.


By half time it is 36 – 21. We’re down and were all playing bad. Our coach calls a time out. He tells us we need to work as a team a lot more. We all fire up a bit up a bit more and with seconds were back on track.


Now the score is 51-53 were down. With 30 seconds left they steal the ball but we block them and get the ball. There is 10 seconds left I pull up for the shot and swish it goes In. the buzzer goes off and all my team mates run on the court and jump on me.


Wow what an experience it’s time for the medal presentation. As they captain I say a few words of thanks. We all get medals and take some photos. Now for the M.V.P and todays winner is Sarah O’TOOLE. Oh my god I’m so happy I didn’t think I’ll get it I’m going to wear this everyday with pride. I look at the score sheet I got 27 points I am really proud of myself.


When I get home and hang my medal up in a safe spot. I call my friend Ollie to show him the medal. He was really happy for us. After all that I need a good night sleep. As I fall into a deep sleep I dream about winning the 2020 Olympics!