August 29

Football (when you kick a ball)


When you kick a football you get a great feeling. When you kick a goal it is even better, therefore you get an even better feeling. When you do a bad kick you feel bad. Also, everyone hates you. If you want to do a short kick, you kick the ball soft. If you want to do a long kick you kick the ball as hard as you can. So you should kick a football well because you feel great!


August 28

Camp response

Camp response

“Knock Knock”

“Time to get up girls” Lee said. We got up and had breakfast and were on the bus in half an hour.                             We arrived at A.I.S and got to do some activities. My favourite activity was sock wrestling. That day I found out that I’m not very good at sock wrestling, although I did win all my games, which was surprising. I liked sock wrestling because it was not physical wrestling all you had to do was try and take your opponents socks off. I had a lot of fun!


Splash! I jump into the pool. It’s freezing cold. I don’t care though because it’s a special pool because it’s the A.I.S. pool. I’m so happy to be swimming in this pool! I feel like a champion. Other athletes have swam in this exact pool I’m in right now. I muck around a bit then I decide to swim a lap. I go a bit too fast and run out of breath. Sadly it is time to get out of the pool. It was a lot of fun.


I enjoyed camp so much I want to go back again!

August 28


I think that we should give money to quesnland people and here is why


although some people are rich some aren’t. and they don’t have enough money  to rebuild there hoses. they can’t just live on the street that’s why we need to give them money. think about the people who are already home less what will they do. the government has a lot of money and the need to use it soon so they should use it for this.

no one deserves to be homeless. after a cyclone the people who lost there house needs this money to rebuild and they can make it more stronger so next time the house wont fall down again.this will save lots of money and provent houses from falling down

so that’s why we should give money during cyclone conditions

August 28


It was pitch BLACK I didn’t know what to do. All the sudden I sore a FLAMINGO it was EXTRAODINARY wired. Then all the sudden something POKED me. I looked UNDERNEATH me and it was just my brother trying to prank me. I got so mad I hit him and he told on me I hate him. I got in big trouble and I could not go any were for a whole week. This is so unfair he pranked me. i explained what he did to mum and now his in big trouble “payback” I said

August 21


Btn volcanoes

Before I start I strongly believe that it’s not okay to live near a volcanoes!


You never know when volcanoes are going to erupt they might even happen today. It is not safe at all to live near on. Do you want to die or let others die? So don’t let people live there. They are risking their life to live there. It’s just foolish if you live near a volcano. They do erupt quickly in this time you won’t even be able to get out in time. Don’t risk your life bye living there or others stop them.


Volcanoes are not that easy to predict so you would only have like 5 minutes to get out or else you will die. People don’t know there life’s are on risk when they live near one. Do yourself a favour and move out before you die. No one deserves to die


I hope that my arguments have changed you mind thanks for listening.


August 21

100wc #16

I’m so nervous I can’t even breath I was in the water waiting for the gun to go. There was words i can’t even hear them. All the sudden I hear I bang I peed myself I got that scared. I then find out that was the sign to go so I swim supper fast in till the water turns green. They stop us and delay our race oops maybe next time be ready for the gun. They fix the pool and start again this time I was ready for the gun. Ad I go on to win gold in brazil I’m stocked.


August 14

btn Haiti or chilli earthquake

I think that we should give more money to Haiti because there a poor country. Chilli has loads more money


I strongly believe that we should give more money to Haiti during these earthquakes because Haiti has less money there a poor country. They have no money to build there houses so they will be living on the streets and we don’t want that. Chilli has way more money than Haiti so we should defiantly give money to Haiti.


Haiti had a bigger earthquake which does more destruction in this btn video I could see almost every building was nocked down. All the kids were on the street crying or they looked scared. It looked way more hot in Haiti which makes it even worse. Also Haiti doesn’t get as much earthquakes as chilli.

August 14

100wc 15

One night my sister left her bedroom to sneak some lollies from the kitchen. All the sudden I hear a smash my sister runs back into her bed. My parents come and blame me my response is “but how would I know?” but they don’t believe me. This really annoys me in the morning we find a broken lollie jar and inside it was red skins. I hate red skins my sister loves them know my parents know that it was her not me. They apologize to me my sister gets in big trouble yay it not me!

August 1

writing goal semester 2

Writing goal: I need to read out loud after I come back to my work or when I edit my writing. also I need to work on when I edit my work because I normally never edit and just type my story but now I will re read my work and edit it.