July 28

100 wc

In that moment I knew this was totally cool! All these yellow dots were flying around me. The next second I’m flying in the air this is so cool. Hang on wait a second how do I get down I start calling for help HELP! SOMEONE! Bye now I’m 10 meters in the air. BOO! Ahhhhhh oh my god you scared me it’s my friend Zack. He tries to get me down but I’m too far in the air. Climb the tree I shout he quickly grabs me and pull me down. All the dots start to disappear now that was scary.


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July 21

btn the seed bank

Btn the seed bank


I strongly agree that we should keep the seed bank because firstly if anything bad in the world happens we have back up food just in case. Next if we didn’t collect them for storage there would be way too many seeds when we can grow other foods.


Firstly I absolutely agree because in case something bad happens like a big storm that destroys everything and all there food. We have back up food [seeds] so that don’t starve and maybe die from hunger. Next they can send it to were ever its happening and no one will die.


Next if we didn’t collect all these seeds there will be way too many seeds growing. When there could be other foods growing. To be honest I don’t think seeds are the best thing to store but they are really helpful. For all the third weal countries when something terrible happens.


That’s why I strongly think it’s really good to store seeds! I hope this message got you to think about how good this is. Please keep going with collecting and storing seeds. This needs go on!

July 21

100 wc

Prompt: Sunshine, ice, frightened, purple, flew

Omg guys look at this SUNSHINE is amazing. It’s such a great day today don’t you guys think? It’s so hot I think I’m going to have a swim. I get my purple swim suit on and go for a swim. As I’m swimming an air plane flew bye it was so colourful I loved it. It was really wired there was ICE in the pool and it’s like 40 degrees out hear. I get out of the pool and dry off oh boy oh boy what a good day it has been. I eat dinner and go to bed


July 17

btn rookie leaders


I strongly believe that Melcom Ternbull [liberal party] is the best person to vote for. And here are some of my reasons why he’s trying to get more education and I think that’s what Australia needs. My second reason is he has a lot of experience because before being the prime minister he was a lawyer. So vote for melcome turnbull!


I think that Australia needs to work on its education there are loads of Australians that don’t go to school and that’s a problem. That’s exactly what mecome turnbull is trying to do. Just think about when the kids that don’t go to school grow up they won’t be able to get a decent job. If you vote for melcome he will make education the best were everyone goes to school. Australia needs better education if you want that too then you have to vote for melcome because he will do that. Kids need education if you don’t you will never get a job you will never be able to do anything because kids need to go to school. No one wants to grow up dumb but it is so vote for melcome turnbull and that will happen.


Next melcome has a lot of experience because before he got into politics he was a lawyer. To be a lawyer you have to be good at persuading. You need this ability in politics if you want a new rule or add something. He listens to you if you want something done he will listen to you and he will make it happen. He knows so much about persuading and giving facts just because he has experience. He’s so used to it he could persuading anyone. He makes good decisions so there will be good rules coming out because I guaranteed you no one will say to no to him that how good he is.


So that why you have to vote for melcome turnbull he’s trying to increase education which is what Australia needs. The next reason was that he has a lot of experience which is good for persuading people. So now after reading my arguments I’m sure you definitely going to vote for melcome. VOTE FOR melcome!