May 29

BTN #10 girls football

Is football really just for males? Because lately a girls’ team has organised to play the top level which is afl. But only boys can play in it their cresting a top league for the girls. People normally underestimate girls and say they’re not tuff but trust me they are. Think about it why aren’t girls as popular as boys? Why do people think girls can’t do what the boys can do? I wonder will it get famous one day. Girls can do what they want just because the sport is ruff girls are ruff to. Why don’t women have the same rights as boys? There are many clubs that are starting to make a girls team and it’s catching on. Let’s hope it gets famous one day.

May 29

100 WC #12

The flame flickered and went out I was in shock. I can’t believe almost got the house on fire. I’m never telling mum or dad what happened. I go to bed and make it look like nothing happened at all. But when I wake up mum and dad have seen the burnt stain I’m dead. They ask what happened and I tell the truth. I was playing around with the lighter. They said its good honesty but you should never do that again. I only got in little trouble but I told the truth so that’s why you should always tell the truth.

May 26

my goals semester 1 2016

Semester 1 goals 2016


Personal goals:

For my first goal I want to be able to speak in front of a class or the whole school without being nervous and more confident. My second goal is learn more about fractions. I don’t really know how to use them correctly especially learn how to put them into decimals. Also I want to know my multiplication tables off by heart. For my last goal I want to know how to spell tricky words without help. I don’t know how to spell many words that are tricky. I only know the easy words and some hard words.

Student comment:

To speak in front of a class or assembly I should take on more roles to help me get use to speaking. To learn more about fractions I could ask Jude to have a one on one lesson so I understand fractions and how to put them into decimals. To learn my multiplication tables I could ask mum and dad to give me a sum every night. To know how to spell tricky words I could try to spell it and then look in a dictionary to see if I’m correct. I can practise these goals at home to improve even more.


Teacher comment:




My future goals:

I need to pay more attention when I write. and focuses on my punctuation. Like put in full stops in the correct spot. I also need to be neater in my science P.R.O.E chart. Normally when I come back to it I can’t read it. I would also like to do my homework before the weekend so I don’t have to do it on the weekend and I can do more fun things. Lastly I want to know more on decimals and how to use them in a multiplication sum.






May 22

100 wc #11

One night as I lay in my SILENT ORANGE bed in my pyjamas. I slowly shut my eyes but then I hear THUNDER. And rain I turn over and go to sleep I dream about puppies and unicorns on rainbows. I wake up and it’s still raining. Oh no there’s a flood! I hear a knock on the door I answer and my sister in soaked I water it looked like she SWAM in the flood. Turns out she was just coming back from our grandparent’s house. Then I suddenly realise I forgot to bring my bike inside its soaking wet.


May 22

BTN #9 sprint science

It helps with your strides. Sprinters are usually born with fast twitch fibres. In the old days they didn’t have the foot stoles to start at so the usually start standing up. What was sprinting like in the old days? How long would you need to practise for? I would really like to find those out. I wonder the fastest person in the world is Usain bolt his fastest in 100m sprint was 9.7 seconds isn’t that incredible. He’s normal stride is about 2.4 meters. He takes 4 of the steps every second. If you’re tall how much does Usain bot train?


May 15

BTN basketball Australia #8

Basketball Australia is going through its best period. With currently 6 NBA plays from Australia are in the NBA. Which is the highest competition of basketball. It is played in America and a couple people might know America invented basketball. The first Australian to play in the NBL was Luc Longly In 1991. I have a couple questions I would really like to find out. What year did Australia find out about basketball? And who is/was the best player in Australia. I wonder who was the first person to get a goal in Australia.


May 15

100 wc #10

I close my eyes to find a long stairway it looked like it was going to the sky. So I decide to have a adventure. I take my first step to find out the stairs change colours when you step on them. First theirs blue then orange and red it’s like a rainbow. As I reach the top I feel the clouds it feels like cotton candy. Then I step on it and it’s like a pillow. I take my next step and I see my house. I step into it and it’s just like normal. I look outside and the steps are gone.


May 8

BTN antibiotics #7


Bacteria can harm you if don’t get pills to stop them

You should only take the prescription your doctor gives you because could cause harm.

Sometimes some bacteria knows how to fight the pills.


What if never existed?


I wonder would antibiotics exist if no one ever made antibiotics

May 8

100 wc #9

I can’t feel my legs they are burning. If you’re wondering why it’s because I just started districts cross country. And they just said go it’s been 100 meters and I’m coming equal second with my friend Amelia. Then the girl at the front drops back so I sprint 10 meters in front and it’s like this till half way. I just finished my first lap which was 2k. And my friend Amelia is not far behind I’m half way on my second lap. I’m almost there I can see the finish line SUDENLY my friend is close but I just won still.

May 1

100 wc #8

“Hey do you want to go to the beach with me Stef.” “Shore I’ll come.” We start to head to the beach but on the way we see bins on the floor. So we decide to pick them up to help. so we put them back up but then the fall down again. We put them back up again but they fall again. We put them up and we look on the bottom and they have round things on the bottom. We take them off and put them back and they finally stay up. And we can go enjoy the beach.