April 25

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3 facts

Atoms are the building blocks of the universe.

Not enough kids are studying science.

It’s better to start when you’re in primary school so you can experience more.

2 questions

What will happen if no one discovered science?

Is the world made of science?

1 wondering

I wonder what will science be in the future.


April 25

100 wc #7

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. It’s Christmas!!!!

And my brother and I are very excited we can’t wait.

We leave some cookies for Santa and a caret for red nose the rain deer.

We head to bed early so Santa can come faster!

I wake up first and run into Max’s room and jump on him. He didn’t look very happy but he didn’t care because Christmas is here!!

We sprint into the lounge with joy and see our presents.

There’s a massive box we open that one first.

We put our hand in the box and it felt fluffy!!


April 18

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3 facts

If it gets to the senate but they change it. It has to go back to the house of reps.

If you are doing the wrong thing the speaker can demand you to leave.

An independent can help make the bill happen/not happen.

2 questions

What if it’s half and half?

Can the prime ministers swap the floor?

1 wondering

I wonder when you swap the floor and it’s still even what do they do.

April 18

100 wc #6

It was a very hot day in Melbourne.  Me and my friend Stef decided to go get a slushy from 7 eleven. We decide to get mango because it is our favourite we head home quick trying not to let it melt! We get home and the first thing we do is go to pat jimmy. But I trip and spill my slushy I try to mop it up but the spot I spilled it in JUST GREW AND GREW! What are we going do? Oh no Stef’s parents are home. Put a jacket on it so they don’t see!!

April 11

100 wc #5

Prompt: lie row fly chips sweet

“If you lie to me one more time I will tell dad” said Ethen.

“Go ahead I don’t care!” said Jane.

So as you can tell those are my annoying siblings. Mum said I have to teach them not to lie. She said that will be sweet if I do. I lie on my bed and think how I am going to do this. I’m hungry. I get some chips to eat and I can think about it over a nap. I lie down on my bed and come up with a perfect plan……

April 11

btn #3

3 facts

Right now our voting age is 18 Bill shorten wanted it to be changed to 16.

Other countries have 16 as the voting age but we have 18.

People are still trying to change it now.


2 questions

Why don’t they have a vote to change it now?

Do people want to change it or is it just Bill shorten?


1 wondering

I wonder if it had been 16 as the age now would they want to change it to 18 now.