March 20

Btn constitution #2

Btn constitution #2

3 facts

If we want to change something in the constitution we need a referendum.

For the referendum to succeed more than half of the people have to say yes.

Politicians have to abide by the constitution

2 questions

Should aborigines have the same rights as Australians?

If the votes are even what would happen?

1 wondering

I wonder would we still have a constitution if the aborigines still rule to this day?

March 20

100 wc #4

100 wc #4

Ring ring “hello this is ruby speaking”. Hi its Aunty Jade how are you? I’m good thanks.                                                                 So I thought                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               sounds good? Wait sorry you are cutting out can you please say it again. Okay sure, so I thought ……




Sounds good hah? Wait sorry it cut out again just try to text me it. Ok I will try it now. Ok I’m back did you get it? No it hasn’t come through yet wait it might be the internet. Alright I will go into the internet room ok I’m in the internet room and it still didn’t work. What is happening?

March 14


100 WC #3

I admire this statue because three guys are talking they look like their having so much fun there laughing together. I came up with a story about them want to hear? It all started when three men were shopping at the market together and they were all having a good time when one guy touched something he shouldn’t of he turned into a statue one guy touched him to make sure he was okay but then he turned into a statue too the other guy did the same thing and you guessed it he turned into a statue too oh know!!


March 14

btn Australia day #1

BTN #1

BTN #1]

Jeanery 26 is Australia day. it all started over 600 years ago when the first fleet happened in 1788. although not everyone is happy. It’s also the time when the aboriginals lost their land they all come together too to do a traditional dance. and remember their ancestors.   I think it is a great day to celebrate and spend time with your family. and be happy to be Australian.



2 facts

It wasn’t always could Australia day 600 years ago it was called foundation day.

Aborigines also come together do a traditional dance.


2 questoins

Would it be different it was still could foundation day?

What if the aborigines rule would there still be Australia day?


1 wondering

I wonder if people to this day still call it foundation day.

March 7

100 word challenge #2

“Ahhhhh someone help me quick. Ruby call superman!!”I’m on my way said superman. Superman is here in a flash. What’s the problem ladies “the guy that’s running at full speed stole my handbag!! Don’t worry I will get it for you. Superman does his fantasy moves. And catches up to him but the guy is too fast. Superman climbs on the roof and jumps in front of him he has no were to go. So superman jumps on him the guy falls to the floor. And ties his hands together. He grabs the hand bag and gives it too the lady. What a hero……….