February 29

100 word challenge #1

Bang I dive in the swimming pool I swim as fast as I can my legs are going faster than lighting my arms are burning!! I can see the end I’m almost their I see the finish line. I touch the end I look up to see if I one and no ones in the pool I came last. Likely swimming isn’t for me


I hop out of the pool with my green swimmers and came up with the best idea I will take up dancing I always wanted to be a dancer on the way there the gas runs out what should I do!!!

February 25

buddy letter

Letter to Hannah

Hi Hannah,

I’m Sarah I’m so excited I got a buddy like you.

I like to play sport what do you like to do

I hope that we go on many adventures

And do crazy things


I can’t wait to meet you

From your buddy


February 4

Letter To Jude

Letter to Jude


Dear Jude you did a great letter to me so I want to give you a good letter back. So shall we start with my name I know you would already know my name but it’s a letter so anyway my name is Sarah. Sorry I got a bit carried away like you do sometimes.


I love to play sport my favourite sport is basketball I am a bit like you I do boy stuff I hate girl stuff. At recces I play basketball and at lunch I play soccer. When I play soccer I am the only girl but I don’t care because I kick but I beat all the boys I am better than all of them.


I have a lot of friends that a boys I still have a lot of girlfriends too. I ask all the girls if they want to play they say no because they play gymnastics’ I sometimes play with them to fit in with them.


I have got a brother who is very annoying I have heard a lot about your children them. I would love to meet them one day. My dad works at a police station and I think that’s pretty cool. I don’t get scared with him because he is trained and he knows what to do.


On the holidays I played in a basketball tournament we lost by one point in the grand finale. I am still proud of myself for making it in the grand finale and my team mates. At the end of the week I was really tired.


Oh and I forgot to tell you did you know me and Mali McLeod we  are cousin’s. I know how it possible is someone that mean it cousins to this nice person.


Thx Jude lets have some fun this year. Hoped you liked the letter from Sarah.O

February 4

why you would value me in your class

Why you  would value me in you class


Jude you will absolute adore me in you class because I am very helpful. I can help you in class with stuff you need to sort out. I love helping people because I hate it when teachers always fall behind in work stuff.  I will be willing to help you at any time of the year.


If you need a hand yell out because I will be happy to help. When I had Zoya as a teacher she would always get me and Stella do her work because she was always behind in everything. Like every week we would have to fix the spelling books.


I love to do jobs around school but at home I HATE IT don’t even talk about it. I think I Like school jobs because there not as hard as home jobs. I hate home jobs because there things that I own I haft to clean but at school I don’t own it so I love to do it.


So now you know I would be happy to be your assistant at school because I love doing jobs for people. Especially you thx Jude I hope I have a good year with you. From Sarah. O’TOOLE