November 26

my new story

The night before the escape

My story is on Martin Cash

Yay finally the boat stoped but they argue to not let us of this is insane they only give us a piece of bread a day. 1 whole month later they let us of the boat. I step out and see this native amazing place but I have no time to see I have to get to work strait away. But that night I planed my escape at 3:00 am I run as fast as I can and disguised myself. And I got out my heart is going 2 miles an hour. But that night they court me cattleduffing and they put more guards on me. But I somehow got out again but they court me it kept on repeating for 5 times finally they sentenced me another 7 years on transport. They moved me to settlement meant at port author. I thought to myself and I thought I couldn’t handle this but I managed now I am done my 14th year. And I make a home I lived intel 1877