December 5

100 wc term 4

it was late at night and me and my friends decided to sneak into the zoo. we clime over the gate and headed to the monkeys area and all the we here a angry voice from behind us “what are you doing here?” we looked back and sore the tall security grad standing right in front of our eyes. he slowly starts walking over to us we didn’t know what to do. he was about to grab us when we bolted towards the exit but out of no where a tiger came and blocked our escape,this lased to us getting caught. oh no what have we gotten our elf into.

November 16

joy poem

Joy as the ball goes through the net

Joy as the final whistle blows


Joy as the final school bell rings

Joy at the crowd running through the gates


Joy as the test finishes

Joy at the kids leaving the room


Joy as you here your first crunch

Joy as you bite into the middle


Joy as you make a splash in the school

Joy as you touch the bottom of the pool.

October 24

100 wc term 4 #3

Today is my first date with the beautiful girl called Jess. I pulled up in her driveway and made sure i looked good. i walk up to the door and rang the doorbell. She opened the door and instantly said “hold on one sec” then out of no where she slammed the door in my face. I didn’t know what to think, the girl of my dreams just slammed the door in my face wow.

1 year later

that memory is still one of our favorites till this day. were married and we have a little toy golden doodle called Milo.

October 19

100 wc term 4 #2

I’ve been putting off cleaning the dam for ages so today i have to. As i walk down to dam i spotted foot steps that where leading strait to it. i started cleaning the dam but i spot a unusable thing inside it it was rather furry looking. as i bend down to look in closer all the sudden something grabbed  my arm and pulls me in. i try to come to the surface but my arm was stuck under neath some wood. i was about to be on my last breath when someone grabbed my leg and pulls me up. it was my wife Zoe, thankfully she was there to save me.

October 18

laerning to write poems

Learning to write poems

Poem 1

The first steps inside always take your breath away

And when you’re on the rides it makes your hair sway

Oh the joy and laughter it always brings.

But sadly there are no rings

It doesn’t have any sand but you should still go to Disney land.

Poem 2

If you like rides I know the stop you shall go

The rides always make you say oh

But what a fun place you should know

It never makes you feel low

Oh wait sometimes it makes you sick

And when you feel tick

Its ok cause you’re at Disneyland.

October 15

100 wc term 4 #1

Just seeing all the other amazing players makes me really nervous. “it’s ok just try you best” is what I say to myself to calm me down. Today is the one day of the year I’m nervous, basketball try outs. I we all hope on the courts and warm up. He starts to read players numbers out to go on the court with the ones coach(highest team) the first number he called out was 56 which was surprisingly mine. after a long day I head home with two of my best friends. Hopefully we all get in the ones.

October 11

i am Sarah poem

i am the sister who some what likes her brother.

i am the basketballer who has a scholarship.

i am the student who doesn’t like school.

i am the footballer who won a grand final.

i am the Australian who lives in Melbourne.

i am the daughter who is good most of time good.

i am the cousin who randomly likes her cousin.

i am Sarah!

September 17

100 wc #7

“OK this is your last present Jordan” said mum.  I opened it as fast as i could, i look through the tear and realist its a lamp with cool colorful beads in it,”Cool thanks so much mum and dad. ” i go over and give them the biggest hug. i make sure to walk up the stairs very carefully so i don’t drop it it’s my favorite present, i place it on my bedside table and go down to eat my birthday dinner. as soon as i finish i run upstairs to check my lamp but i look up and theirs glass and beads everywhere .

What do i do?

September 10

100 wc #6

SO WHAT LIES AHEAD OFF US MUST NEVER BE SPOCKEN OF AGAIN. “got it sis”  those where his words before he dobbed me in for spilling coke all over the carpet. Mum was really mad at me and made me give in my phone for a whole week! Ill make my brother pay it was his fult he triped me making me drop my coke(which I wasn’t meant to drink anyway) ill dob him in for stealing 20 bucks from mum then see how it feels. He will never say a word again.

September 3

100 wc #5

It was a cold and windy night and Jordan was home alone but all the sudden he heard noises. I opened the my bedroom door and sore nothing so I went a bit further, but then I get hit from the back and black out. It takes me a while to realise what happened I slowly get up and look for the person who tried to kill me. I look around and see nothing< it felt like it was a dream well I wanted it to be but it was not. Mum and dad get home and I tell them everything but they didn’t believe me.